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Rob Cuddy

Worldwide Application Security Evangelist

Rob has been with IBM for the past 12 years and is currently a Worldwide Application Security Evangelist. Prior to this role, Rob was the Worldwide Sales Enablement lead for the Management and Platform Segment in IBM Cloud. Rob has worked with clients all over the world to help address their challenges in ways that bring a positive impact to the business bottom line. Rob has spoken at numerous IBM events and conferences, including one like THINK, InterConnect, DevloperConnect, IBM Top Guns and many customer roundtable events. In addition, with IBM he has held roles in software services, technical sales enablement and on Tiger teams. Prior to IBM, Rob spent 13 years with 5 different companies working as a configuration management specialist with an emphasis on Rational tooling. Rob graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and is an avid fan of college football. When not at work, Rob enjoys spending time with his family, serving with his church, running and cycling. You can connect with Rob via facebook, linkedin and instragram but the best ways are by joining the “Robservatory” on twitter using the handle @Robservatory.

Written By Rob Cuddy

Application Security Takeaways From the Ai4 Cybersecurity Conference

While AI in cybersecurity is still in its infancy, the inaugural Ai4 Cybersecurity conference was a great first step in advancing the discussion, especially as it relates to application security.

Don’t Let Vulnerabilities Leave You Taxed — Refund Customer Trust With Application Security

How an organization handles application security goes a long way in determining whether it will be "taxed" by vulnerabilities in production or receive a nice refund of their customers' trust.

Application Security Has Nothing to Do With Luck

If a safe, secure product and a satisfied customer base is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, it's time to build application security processes into your development cycle.

Take Your Relationship With DevSecOps to the Next Level

Like any relationship, DevSecOps works best when there is a solid commitment, open communication and strong resolve in the face of challenges.

The New Currency for Business Is Security Culture

Given the historic data breaches, widespread vulnerabilities and onslaught of data privacy regulations that affected businesses around the world in 2018, security culture is more crucial than ever.

New Year, New Risks: 3 Application Security Resolutions You Should Adopt in 2019

To ring in the new year, application security teams should resolve to implement more security into the development process, prioritize consumer trust and pay more attention to false negatives.