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Robert Lelewski

Engagement Lead, IBM Security

Robert Lelewski has been in the incident response, computer forensics, e-discovery and computer security realm for 10 years. He is currently an Engagement Lead with IBM Emergency Response Services, leading a team that manages emergencies, develops strategies to mitigate risk in corporate environments and functions as security adviser to Fortune 500 companies.

Written By Robert Lelewski

Dangle Carrots in Front of Users to Correct Their Terrible Password Hygiene

Rewarding users for strong password selection can be a good way to eliminate terrible password hygiene throughout an organization.

Eliminate Weak Passwords With Regular Auditing

As countless security compromises have shown, weak passwords are a common root cause for the initial breach of a victim network.

Using Feedback Loops to Enhance End User Security

Security teams can use a feedback loop to measure end user security, educate users, illustrate consequences and measure end user behavior.

Ransomware: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

The "Ransomware Response Guide" can help your organization prepare for preventing this common threat or validate your existing security policies.

The Silver Lining of a Ransomware Infection

If you need a silver lining, think of a ransomware event as a low-cost security assessment pointing out weaknesses in your organization's environment.

Co-Written By Robert Lelewski

What a WWII Mathematician Might See When Looking at Your Critical IT Assets

Instead of pouring resources into total security, professionals should focus on protecting critical IT assets and strengthening their weak spots.

Enhancing Incident Response: The Role of Strategic Partners in Your Security Posture

Strategic relationships may be an organization's principal source for obtaining essential artifacts in incident response investigations.