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Robert B. Razavi

Security Architect, IBM

Robert is a multifaceted technology enthusiast who has been designing and delivering leading edge technological solutions for a wide variety of organizations. His career has spanned multiple IT domains in the past twenty years: security, mobility, cloud, web, infrastructure, software and hardware. As a hybrid tech/creative/business professional, he has been involved in many aspects of IT at the strategic, operational and financial levels. He feels he's seen it all; you name it, he's probably done it at some point: solution and design, pre-sales, marketing and professional services, project and product management, development, operations, and more. Despite this, each day he wakes up even more interested and motivated by innovation and technology. A self-professed news and innovation junkie, Robert also has an artistic and creative side. He fights to find time for his artistic interests such as 70's and 80's industrial design, pop-art, illustrations, comics, indie movies, and vintage sci-fi.

Written By Robert B. Razavi

Smart Buildings, Dumb Security

The security of smart buildings needs to be built in from the beginning so it can act as an immune system for these new, sophisticated environments.