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Rohan Ramesh

Senior Product Manager

Rohan is the Rohan is the Senior Product Manager for IBM QRadar User Behavior Analytics. Rohan is experienced in marketing strategy, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, content strategy and enterprise level application development. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with over 8 years of experience in the IT industry.​

Written By Rohan Ramesh

Tracking Malicious Insiders: Catch Me If You Can

A UBA solution powered by machine learning enables security teams to model normal behavior and track subtle changes in user activity to identify malicious insiders.

Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Recent advancements in machine learning, deep learning and cognitive security have made artificial intelligence an essential tool for cybersecurity teams.

Elementary, My Dear Watson: Identifying and Understanding Malware With Cognitive Security

Cognitive security solutions such as IBM Watson for Cyber Security help analysts process overwhelming amounts of threat data during incident investigations

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind This Holiday Season With PCI Compliance

PCI compliance may be the best gift you can give customers this holiday season. Consider the ways being compliant can protect your business and consumers.

In a Sea of Cyberthreats, Don’t Be Distracted by the Shark — Look for the Snails!

The genius behind Shark Week is that it sells fear of a threat that you'll likely never encounter. Can the same be said about security vulnerabilities?

Gone Phishing: How to Prevent Sophisticated Attacks

Phishing attacks have become much more targeted and alarmingly personalized, exploiting our personal information and the products we use.

IBM Films Presents: Hacked!

When it comes to cyber-attacks, the question is no longer if you’ll be breached — but when. That means you need the ability to detect a breach or vulnerability in near real-time, and have an immediate incident response system that can...

Endpoint 911: Why Organizations Need Continuous Insight, Accelerated Risk Prioritization and Incident Response

By using this five-step process, you can protect your organization's endpoint security, no matter if the endpoints are located on or off the network.

How to Stay Off the Data Breach List

In the wake of several damaging incidents in 2014, organizations must implement security solutions and controls to avoid being the victim of a data breach.

Securing Devices, Data and Users: Unified Endpoint Management at IBM InterConnect 2015

In the face of quickly evolving technology and increased cybercriminal threats, organizations need to consider using an endpoint management solution.