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Russell Couturier

CTO Security Intelligence, IBM

Dr. Couturier has been the successful founder of the three internet security companies and a technology leader in the forensic and security intelligence space. His company was acquired by IBM to serve as the technology foundation for forensic analytics. He continues to provide vision for the security division in the areas of network forensics, threat intelligence, and cloud security.

Written By Russell Couturier

Machine Learning: When It Works and When It Doesn’t

Machine learning is an invaluable analytical tool, but problems can arise from its inability to reason beyond the scope of its classification algorithms.

Multiphased DDoS Attack Causes Hours-Long Outages

Though DDoS attacks using authentic IoT devices are easy to detect, they are one of the more difficult attack types to remediate.

Machine Learning for Threat Analytics: A Boost or a Bust?

Machine learning relies on data acquisition and classification of examples to help security teams and threat analysts reduce the rate of false positives.

Threat Kinetics: The Arms Race Between Black Hat and White Hat Developers

The evolution of threat kinetics to identity kinetics is rapidly advancing, and there are a plethora of organizations pursuing this avenue.