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Salwa Rafee

Healthcare & Life Sciences Security Business Leader, IBM

Salwa is an innovative and transformational healthcare leader, with over 20 years of progressive leadership roles in strategy planning, eHealth innovation, consulting services and complex program management with a firm commitment to delivery excellence. She helps her clients achieve the highest ROI in technology and clinical value, with a great focus on cybersecurity for healthcare - leveraging growth areas such as cognitive computing, big data, clinical workflow, cloud adoption, mobile health, clinical genomics and digital business to bring the best industry cross-brand solutions to market. She works with providers, payers, life sciences organizations, academia and research centers to deliver customized solutions in different economies and supports patient safety, privacy, clinical guidelines, compliance and standardization. Salwa is the security business leader for healthcare with IBM, managing its global business with the public sector team.

Written By Salwa Rafee

Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared to Withstand a Data Security Breach?

The most effective way to protect against a data security breach is to develop an immune system around an AI-powered core of security orchestration and analytics tools.

Why Has Health Care Become Such a Target for Cyberattacks?

A widespread ransomware attack such as WannaCry can cause problems for any business. For a health care organization, it can cause an utter catastrophe.

Data Activity Monitoring Gives Health Care Organizations X-Ray Vision Into Medical Imaging Security Risks

Poor medical imaging security can have potentially life-threatening consequences such as delayed treatment, inaccurate diagnosis and prescription fraud.

Building a Holistic Cyberhealth Immune System

The health care security immune system maps to integrated services and products, addressing specific health care concerns and preventing cyberattacks.