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Sam Dillingham

Senior Product Manager Threat Protection System, IBM

    W. Sam Dillingham is the Senior Product Manager for the IBM Security Threat Protection System. He has a diverse 15 year background working as a Product Manager and a security practitioner in Fortune 500 and startup companies. Most recently, he brought to market the world's first secure smartphone, Blackphone. Previous to that, Sam worked as a Principle Product Manager at RSA (EMC) where he combined large EMC storage with the NetWitness forensics platform. He also worked at BT Counterpane building a log management solution from concept to a shipping product. His background includes working in the security trenches implementing information security systems and methodologies in small businesses as well as large corporations. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Math and Computer Science from Indiana State University and holds technical several technical certifications including CISSP.

    Written By Sam Dillingham

    Cybersecurity Checkup: Tell Us Where It Hurts

    Have you ever noticed that your company's cybersecurity system is very much like an immune system? They both strengthen your defenses against threats.