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Sandy Bird

IBM Fellow, CTO for IBM Security

Sandy Bird was the co-founder and CTO of Q1 Labs, now part of IBM. Today, he's the CTO for IBM Security and is responsible for the company's strategic technology direction. Sandy has extensive technology experience specializing in database design and development for web applications. Prior to IBM and Q1 Labs, he held a variety of technical positions at the University of New Brunswick in support, development and administration. Sandy studied Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick and was named an IBM Fellow in 2014.

Written By Sandy Bird

Cybersecurity Today Heads to the Future

Cognitive computing systems have advanced at a remarkable rate in recent years and are able to contribute tremendously to cybersecurity today.

Solving the Case With Sense Analytics and Security Intelligence

Security intelligence platforms can use sense analytics to gather information about threats and take appropriate action based on the clues left behind.

Gather More Clues With Security Intelligence and Sense Analytics

IBM's QRadar Security Intelligence has a Sense Analytics engine that can assist security teams in finding and dissecting clues following an incident.

The Power of Community Defense: Using a Combination of Threat Intelligence, Information Sharing and Open Standards

Using community defense, organizations can band together to promote increased information sharing to alert others about potentially dangerous threats.

How Big Data and Advanced Analytics Can Amplify Security Intelligence

Security intelligence is not a game, and it's an area where you can't afford to lose. Here are three key components of a successful IT security strategy.

Blurred Vision: The Case for Security Intelligence

Successfully detecting insider fraud and advanced threats requires gathering and analyzing a broad collection of IT security information. An effective security intelligence platform helps organizations filter through the billions of daily log source...

Co-Written By Sandy Bird