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Scott Craig

Threat Researcher, IBM

    Scott Craig is a Threat Researcher for IBM's Managed Security Services. Scott has worked in the IT field for more than 20 years, 17 of which were dedicated to computer security. Before being dedicated to computer security, Scott's work as an enterprise Unix system administrator and a systems architect helped him to understand the way security fits into overall systems. Scott's unique ability to find patterns of interest in security device logs is what helped him become successful in his last role in IBM Managed Security Services as a team lead of the Data Intelligence group. In his role as an IBM Threat Researcher, Scott mines through millions of rows of data in search of stories worth sharing with others. Through these efforts, he hopes to improve every entity's data security which, in turn, helps every person who has a file about them somewhere.

    Written By Scott Craig

    CAPEC: Making Heads or Tails of Attack Patterns

    The CAPEC standard for attack categorization enables analysts to more efficiently classify, prioritize and communicate about common threats and events.

    Telnet: An Attacker’s Gateway to the IoT

    Savvy cybercriminals are using older technologies such as Telnet to carry out attacks on IoT devices, a recent IBM Security report discovered.

    Footprinting and Brute-Force Attacks Remain Prevalent

    With so much attention focused on APTs and mutating malware, it's easy to overlook brute-force attacks — which can still be successful.

    The New Bank Heist: The Financial Industry’s Top Threats

    The financial industry is plagued by a few main types of malware and cybercrime attacks, including Shellshock and denial-of-service attacks.