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Scott Koegler

Freelance Writer and Former CIO

Scott Koegler practiced IT as a CIO for 15 years. He also has more than 20 years experience as a technology journalist covering topics ranging from software and services through business strategy. Scott publishes ec-bp.com, a supply chain industry newsletter and has written for publications including Network Computing, Forbes, Internet Evolution, and many others.

Written By Scott Koegler

Securing User Identities With Blockchain Technology

As passwords fall increasingly out of favor, security leaders should consider augmenting their federated identity management (FIM) systems with blockchain technology to protect user identities.

Who Needs a College Degree? Filling the Skills Gap With Qualified New Collar Professionals

To address the ongoing cybersecurity skills shortage, technology organizations around the world are hiring new collar professionals who lack degrees but possess real-world experience and enthusiasm.

Increasing Security Preparedness and Awareness Among Board Members and Top Management

To increase security preparedness and awareness among executives, CISOs need to communicate cyber risks in business terms and regularly assess their systems for vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Adding Security-as-a-Service to Reduce Alert Fatigue and Expand Protection

Security-as-a-service can help teams sift through the overwhelming volume of alerts more efficiently, enabling them to focus on the threats that are most likely to require intervention.

Don’t Get Scared — Get Back in Operation With the Right Incident Response Strategy

For incident response teams, resuming normal operations in the wake of a cyberattack is the name of the game. However, lack of preparation and poor communication can impede recovery efforts.

Year in Review: How Did the Cyberthreat Landscape Change in 2017?

Over the course of 2017, the cyberthreat landscape shifted to accommodate a sharper focus on pure data destruction for the sake of disruption rather than monetary gain.

Loss Prevention Trends to Watch During the Holiday Shopping Season

Physical theft accounted for two-thirds of inventory shrinkage in 2016, suggesting that retailers need to improve their loss prevention strategies.

Omnichannel Success Requires Retail Data Protections

Omnichannel retailing is making shopping easier for consumers, but also presenting complexities to retailers.

‘Tis the Season for Retail Disruption

Companies looking to minimize retail disruption during this holiday season should keep close tabs on emerging trends such as ransomware, the IoT and more.

Don’t Let a Retail Vulnerability Cause Holiday Havoc

Stores and vendors must make sure they are minimizing the risk of a retail vulnerability ruining the holiday season.