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Scott Koegler

Freelance Writer and Former CIO

Scott Koegler practiced IT as a CIO for 15 years. He also has more than 20 years experience as a technology journalist covering topics ranging from software and services through business strategy. Scott publishes ec-bp.com, a supply chain industry newsletter and has written for publications including Network Computing, Forbes, Internet Evolution, and many others.

Written By Scott Koegler

Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Through Mergers and Acquisitions

To close the cybersecurity skills gap, a large company with considerable funds can simply acquire another organization and conscript its IT talent.

Asleep at the Switches: Don’t Let Cyber Fatigue Catch Your Enterprise Off Guard

To combat cyber fatigue, security leaders must communicate the importance of password hygiene without diluting the message.

Four Key Considerations for Managing Your IoT Population

To effectively manage your IoT population, you must understand where your devices are, what they do, who is using them and how they connect to the network.

Four New Cyberthreats on the CISO’s Radar

An effective defense against cyberattacks such as ransomware, dronejacking and hacktivism requires a deep understanding of the evolving threat landscape.

Cybercrime Has Become a Commodity

Cybercrime tools available through private networks and on the Dark Web make it easier than ever for would-be fraudsters to infiltrate networks.

Five Ways in Which the IoT Will Disrupt Your Business

If approached with a solid focus on security, the IoT has the potential to disrupt your business in a way that helps it become more efficient.

CISO Succession Planning Takes Preparation

In light of the skills shortage and the highly competitive CISO job market, careful succession planning is the key to leaving your company in good hands.

The IoT Is BYOD All Over Again

Like the rise of BYOD culture in the enterprise, the explosion of IoT devices generates a new set of challenges for security professionals.

Things to Consider Before Implementing Advanced Network Security

With the increasing sophistication of cybercriminals, advanced network security is more critical then ever to protect enterprise data.

Why Your Enterprise Security Strategy Needs to Evolve

A good security strategy must constantly evolve and adapt to current threats, new protective tools and burgeoning vulnerabilities.