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Expanding Threat Intelligence in IBM X-Force Exchange

The Threat Feed Manager tool in X-Force Exchange enables analysts to integrate threat intelligence data into collections to share with the IT community.

Take Back Control of Your Cybersecurity Now, Episode 1: One Hack Away From Trouble

In 2016 hardly a week passed without news of a data breach or cyber attack. It became clear that anyone could be a target, as companies both large and small found their data, assets and reputations at risk. In this climate of crisis it is no...

Avoiding the Blindside: Protecting Against Encrypted Attacks and Evasion Techniques

Sometimes a cyber attack can blindside you – you just never see it coming. But if the reason an attack surprised you is that it snuck through your defenses using encryption or an advanced evasion technique, then there is more you can do to prepare...

KuppingerCole Report: Leadership Compass, Access Management and Federation

Whether it’s due to the gradual development of technology or to poor prioritization practices, organizations in many industries today have found themselves adopting productivity-enhancing technologies much faster than security technologies,...

Entersekt: Providing Strong Authentication and Transaction Signing Capabilities

Did you know that mobile malware has grown by 300% over the last year? Realizing this, Entersekt, a tech company based out of Cape Town, South Africa, has developed unique technologies to create and secure a digital channel between a mobile device...

IBM X-Force Research: Security Trends in the Retail Industry

Attackers Are Shopping for Low-Hanging Fruit With all the concerns plaguing the retail industry, organizations need to understand the trends and make the security investments that best respond to them. In 2015, cybercriminals shifted from targeting...

Control Access to Sensitive Financial Data with Identity Governance and Intelligence

In order to remain secure and compliant, financial institutions need an intelligent identity governance solution.

Turn Scrap Paper Into Security Investigations With IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence

IBM added a Collections feature to its X-Force Exchange that enables researchers to share reports and engage in collaborative defense.

If the Price is Right, Ransomware Wins

Ransomware is one of the most lucrative attacks and most popular techniques cybercriminals are launching against both businesses and consumers. With nearly 40% of spam emails containing ransomware attachments, infection rates continue to rise....

IBM X-Force Research: The Changing Face of IT Security in the Government Sector

Information security is just one cog in the much larger machine that comprises government entities. Today’s government threat landscape extends from cybersecurity, physical security and critical infrastructure security to the fight against...