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Why Limor Golan Works Hard to Make Security Operations Easier

Limor Golan is a self-described hyperactive developer who works best under stress. Trusteer was so impressed they created a role specifically for her to improve security operations through automation.

Visit the Subway System of Cybercrime With Security Consultant Francisco Galian

The battle stories Francisco Galian heard as a student inspired him to protect multinational networks as a security consultant. He's parachuted in when times get critical for IBM Security customers.

What Is the Future of Endpoint Management in the Enterprise?

Forrester analyst Andrew Hewitt joins the SecurityIntelligence Podcast to talk about the current state and future of unified endpoint management (UEM).

How Nick Bradley Made a Career of Pursuing Bad Guys, From the Military to X-Force IRIS

X-Force IRIS Practice Lead Nick Bradley was on track for an illustrious career in the military police when a computer virus detoured his path towards protection of a different kind.

How Shir Levin Uses Her Nose for News to Sniff Out Identity Fraud

Shir Levin used to report on government and law, but her journalism career wasn't data-driven enough for her. She now uses her experience in news, psychology and statistics to fight identity fraud.

Tackling the Key Challenges of Federal Cybersecurity

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you find your favorite content. In this edition of the SecurityIntelligence industry podcast series, Ian Doyle, business unit executive for cybersecurity strategy and growth initiatives at...

Listen to the Music of Technology With Integration Engineer Tone Johnson

As an integration engineer for IBM X-Force and a former music producer, Anthony "Tone" Johnson has learned to embrace his creative side when approaching technical challenges.

How Brad Olive Fights Fires With Security Awareness

Brad Olive has been spreading security awareness since the dawn of the internet. Today he develops personalized learning road maps aimed at various roles and user types for IBM Security Academy.

How Matt Dobbs Solves the Cybersecurity Puzzle

His time in the dot-com bubble set Matt Dobbs on the road to global cybersecurity. Today he ensures IBM Security's point products integrate seamlessly for client convenience and peace of mind.

Healthcare Security Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2018

In this podcast episode, IBM's Jennifer Kady identifies three key security trends for healthcare enterprises and offers actionable advice for improving healthcare security.