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How Matt Dobbs Solves the Cybersecurity Puzzle

His time in the dot-com bubble set Matt Dobbs on the road to global cybersecurity. Today he ensures IBM Security's point products integrate seamlessly for client convenience and peace of mind.

Healthcare Security Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2018

In this podcast episode, IBM's Jennifer Kady identifies three key security trends for healthcare enterprises and offers actionable advice for improving healthcare security.

Security Gamification Engineer Richard Moore Proves That Anyone Can Be a Hacker

Security gamification engineer Richard Moore designs cyberthreat scenarios to unlock the competitive spirit of cybersecurity professionals and demonstrate how easy it is for anyone to hack a system.

How IBM Master Inventor Mike Spisak Is Hacking Cybersecurity Education

Meet Mike Spisak, IBM Security distinguished engineer and master inventor. In this podcast he shares his passions for cybersecurity education and innovation. Prepare to be inspired!

How John Clarke Shifted Gears From Driving Vans to Gamifying Incident Response

Ten years ago, John Clarke was driving a van in Ireland for a living. Today, he develops games at IBM to help train security professionals on incident response and cyber situational awareness.

How a Fascination With Machinery Led Irina Nicolae to AI Research

As a young girl in Romania, Irina Nicolae was fascinated with machinery and how different parts fit together. Today, she conducts AI research to develop ways to protect this technology from threats.

How Mike Barcomb’s Military Mindset Enhances Incident Response

IBMer Mike Barcomb draws upon his experience in the U.S. Army Reserve to lead a team of incident response experts through careful planning, regular rehearsals and quick decision-making.

Gain an Edge Over BEC and Account Compromise With Intelligent Incident Response and X-Force IRIS

Listen to this podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you find your favorite content. As Black Hat heats up in Las Vegas, host Lorielle Paulk, product marketing manager at IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS), sits down...

Threat Report Provides Evidence of Threat Actors Targeting ERP Applications

According to a new report, threat actors are targeting enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications like SAP — and, in some cases, are exploiting a vulnerability that was disclosed in 2016.

Boost Energy and Utilities Security By Reducing SOC Complexity

Hear Kate Scarcella, executive security architect at IBM, discuss how energy and utilities organizations can consolidate IT and OT to reduce complexity.