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AIS Stresses Enhancing Your Endpoint Management and Security Strategy

AIS recently published a blog about augmenting your existing endpoint solution with additional capabilities, such as the ones available with IBM BigFix.

IoT Security Fact #5: As Data Accumulates, Exposure Issues Will Increase

The "Five Indisputable Facts about IoT Security" podcast concludes with IoT Security Fact #5: As data accumulates, exposure issues will increase.

IoT Security Fact #4: Weak Configurations Will Persist

This episode of the IBM podcast series, "Five Indisputable Facts about IoT Security," looks at IoT Security Fact #4: Weak configurations will persist.

Use Email to Manage Threat Intelligence Collections

The IBM X-Force Exchange includes an email inbox feature that cuts down on information overload and enables analysts to easily share threat intelligence.

IBM X-Force Research: Weaponizing the Internet of Things

It is widely known that cybercriminals are populating botnets with easily exploitable Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as security cameras, webcams and DVRs. With the proliferation of IoT devices accelerating significantly — expected to...

IBM X-Force Research: Cybercrime Riding Tax Season Tides

Cybercrime is a year-round profession, but there’s no question that fraudsters take advantage of seasonal events such as gift-giving season in the winter and tax filing deadlines in the spring. The most common fraud types that ensue this time...

IoT Security Fact #3: Shared Secrets Do Not Remain Secret

This episode of the IBM podcast series, "Five Indisputable Facts about IoT Security," looks at IoT Security Fact #3: Shared secrets do not remain secret.

Monitored Security is Superior Security

Organizations around the globe suffered a record number of security leaks and attacks in 2016. Quite remarkably, the average IBM-monitored security client actually experienced fewer attacks compared to the previous year, down 12 percent. Yet this...

2016: The Year Menaces Multiplied

IBM X-Force research has uncovered some startling facts about the cyberthreat landscape in 2016 — from record-busting breaches to unprecedented vulnerability disclosures and attacks. Indeed, the security landscape in 2016 was rocked with over 4...

IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2017

2016 was a year in which “more was more” in the security world. From larger-than-life data breaches with over 4 billion records leaked to record numbers of DDoS attacks, vulnerability disclosures, ransomware and spam, it seems no digital...