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Serguei Tchesnokov

Senior SIEM Consultant, ScienceSoft

IBM certified Security Professional with a 10-year background in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and a 17-year work experience in Information Technology. Serguei’s portfolio includes projects on architecture design, integration, and deployment of security solutions based on IBM Security QRadar SIEM, IBM TSIEM/TCIM, IBM Security Identity Manager (SIM) for healthcare, banking, financial and governmental organizations.

Written By Serguei Tchesnokov

Closing ATM Network Security Gaps to Stop Fraudsters in Their Tracks

Banks are already privy to the threat of physical breaches, but many remain unaware of the ATM network security gaps that could enable fraudsters to access their systems.

Advanced Approaches to ATM Network Protection

Effective ATM network protection requires a combination of basic and advanced approaches and a strong SIEM solution to monitor anomalous activity.