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Shaked Vax

IBM Security Trusteer Products Strategist

Shaked Vax is an IBM Security Trusteer Products Strategist and a senior member of the Trusteer Product Management team since 2013, with expertise in consumer online banking, online fraud and identity theft prevention, Web Applications performance and security, as well as mobile banking and mobile security. Mr. Vax has over 15 years in the security and high-technology industries, he focuses his research on consumer information theft prevention, information security strategy, and mobile strategies and technologies. Mr. Vax served as Senior Product Manager for Web Applications performance and security at Radware. He served as a leader for product lines in Checkpoint Technologies and Compulite Industries. He received a Cum-laude MBA from Ono Academic College focused on Strategy and Entrepreneurship and holds a B.A. in Theater Design from Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Written By Shaked Vax

Ransomware, Trojans and Fraud, Oh My! Tracking Recent Cybercrime Trends and Patterns

As banking and retail institutions adopt stronger security measures, cybercrime trends are shifting to maximize fraudsters' ROI.

Trust, but Verify: Authentication Without Validation Is Naïve

Fraudsters have rendered traditional authentication factors — something you know, something you have and something you are — ineffective.

Mobile Malware on Smartphones and Tablets: The Inconvenient Truth

Mobile malware poses a major threat to enterprises, their customers and employees, and each of us as individuals — but there are ways to fight back.

Manage Mobile Device Fraud Without Succumbing to Mobilephobia

How can organizations efficiently and effectively manage mobile device access without giving in to mobilephobia? It's a tall order, but it's not impossible

No Authentication Without Trust

Identity authentication should only be conducted after the person trying to access data or information has been deemed trustworthy by the organization.