Written By Shane Schick

Hundreds of Thousands of Users Targeted Daily With Would-Be WannaCry Imitators

Two years since the WannaCry attacks wreaked havoc around the world, researchers say hundreds of thousands of people are being targeted with the EternalBlue exploit on which it was based.

Detections of Dharma Ransomware Rise 148 Percent Between February and April 2019

A 13-year-old security threat known as Dharma ransomware is spreading through a variety of distribution methods, leading to a 148 percent increase in detections over a two-month period.

Pirate Chick Poses as VPN Tool, Secretly Installs Malicious Payloads

Malicious actors are bundling a Trojan called Pirate Chick, which looks like a virtual private network (VPN) software tool, into adware to install malware on infected machines.

Data Breach Report: Small Businesses and C-Level Executives Were Top Targets in 2018

An annual data breach report found that small businesses and C-level executives were among cybercriminals' favorite targets in 2018.

Barium Group Using Backdoors in Trusted Software to Wage Supply Chain Attacks

A threat group known as Barium is exploiting trusted software updates and apps to conduct a wave of supply chain attacks, which could affect more than 1 million users around the world.

DDoS Attack of More Than 500 Million Packets Per Second May Be Largest Ever Disclosed

Security researchers said they fended off a DDoS attack in January of more than 500 million packets per second, which might constitute the largest of its kind ever publicly disclosed.

Report: Cryptocurrency Theft Skyrocketed to $1.2 Billion in Q1

In the fist quarter of 2019, cryptocurrency theft has already reached 70 percent of what cybercriminals stole during all of last year.

Belkin Wemo Zero-Day Vulnerability Could Leave the Door Open for IoT Attacks

The Belkin Wemo Insight smart plug continues to be at risk of zero-day attacks nearly one year after a vulnerability was first disclosed, security researchers discovered.

Google 2FA Approach Turns Android Smartphones Into Security Keys

Smartphones running Android 7.0 and higher can now serve as two-factor authentication (2FA) tools as part of a Google 2FA strategy to boost security across its online services.

Attackers Use EternalBlue and PowerShell Scripts to Spread Cryptomining Malware Across Asia

A cryptomining malware campaign originally discovered in January is now using the EternalBlue exploit to target users in Asia, according to security researchers.