Written By Shane Schick

Cybercriminals Cash In on Compromised ATM Security, Researchers Warn

Researchers revealed how easily ATM security can be thwarted by breaking into a machine and then using malware to take down an entire network.

Toast Overlay Attacks Prompt Malware Removal for Android Users

An overlay attack involving Android's Toast feature may mean users have to deal with malware removal issues.

Study of More Than 3,200 Unique Phishing Kits Shows Fraudsters’ Inner Workings

Malicious developers commonly distribute phishing kits with built-in back doors that enable them to hijack victims infected by other threat actors.

Catch-All Google Chrome Extension Conducts Wide-Ranging Data Theft

A malicious Google Chrome extension dubbed Catch-All is using a simple phishing scheme to commit data theft against users in Brazil.

DUHK Vulnerability Offers a Quick Way to Launch a Crypto Attack

Security researchers exposed a vulnerability in a random number generator with hardcoded keys that could lead to a crypto attack.

Locky Ransomware Attacks Exploit Microsoft DDE to Increase Effectiveness

The cybercriminals behind Locky ransomware have adopted a new DDE hijacking technique to infect as many victims as possible while evading detection.

Necurs Downloader Takes Screen Grabs to Improve Ransomware Attacks

The cybercriminals behind the Necurs botnet are now taking screenshots of victims' machines to improve the performance of ransomware attacks.

Researcher Uncovers Shipping Industry Security Flaws

Using a simple online search engine, a researcher exposed several shipping industry security gaps that could leave container ships vulnerable to threats.

Cryptocurrency Mining Websites Attract 500 Million Monthly Visitors, According to Report

Security researchers discovered that roughly half a billion people visit websites that secretly run cryptocurrency mining scripts every month.

37,000 Users Download Phony Adblock Plus App

Users who downloaded a phony Adblock Plus app should be on the lookout for a possible data breach. Google has since removed the app from its Chrome Store.