Written By Shane Schick

Lenovo Superfish Scandal Prompts Probe, Promise to Reduce Preinstalled Software

Lenovo says it is changing what it puts on its machines to avoid another Superfish scandal, even as a state attorney general's office probes the firm.

Malware May Soon Be Showing on a Blu-ray System Near You

A researcher has demonstrated that many common Blu-ray systems may be open to malware attacks at both the software and hardware level.

Researchers: Adtrustmedia’s PrivDog Advertising Software Leaves Some Users at Risk

PrivDog, the advertising software offered by Adtrustmedia, may be breaking SSL security in ways that compromise user security.

Everything You Need to Know About the Lenovo Superfish Adware Incident

The Superfish adware has been exposing Lenovo PC users to prying eyes from cybercriminals. Here is a roundup of the essential facts.

IRS Warns Taxpayers of Spear Phishing Scam

The IRS has warned that cybercriminals are using bogus emails and voicemail messages in a spear phishing scam to steal personal information at tax time.

Facebook Trojan Uses Porn, Phony Flash Update to Infect Millions

Cybercriminals are using a porn video to tag victims in Facebook posts to fool them into downloading a phony Flash update and spread a malicious Trojan.

Wire Payment Scam Uses Email, Phone Calls to Dupe Victims, Authorities Warn

A wire payment scam that has surfaced in 45 countries and led to an estimated loss of $215 million so far has prompted warnings from the FBI and IC3.

FBI Warns Ransomware Issue Needs Widespread Public Attention

The FBI says ransomware is targeting consumers and businesses and spreading via pop-up windows on websites instead of just email spam.

Lizard Squad DDoS Operation Brought Down by Weak Security Practices

Lizard Squad, an organization that was offering to launch DDoS attacks for a fee, has ironically ended up the victim of a cybercriminal attack itself.

State of the Union 2015: What Obama Will Say About Cybersecurity

The Jan. 20 State of the Union address is expected to focus on the fight against cybercriminals and malware in the wake of recent data breaches.