Written By Shane Schick

Security Experts Tie Target, Home Depot Attacks to Online Store Selling Stolen Credit Cards

Security experts say data from stolen credit cards is surfacing on online marketplaces, where cybercriminals can download information to create forgeries.

WordPress Vulnerability Worries Companies as Hackers Close In

An analysis of how a popular plugin for WordPress themes may contain a vulnerability that could allow hackers to compromise business information.

Shellshock: Where the Bash Bug Could Hit the Hardest

The Bash bug, a new vulnerability known as Shellshock, could have a sizable impact on an untold number of devices, according to security experts.

DoubleClick Attack May Mean ‘Malvertising’ Is About to Get Much Worse

An attempt to distribute malware via online ad network DoubleClick and Zedo could be a possible example of "malvertising" targeting consumers through ads.

Hackers Hone In on Home Routers Through Brazilian Newspaper

Consumers' home routers were recently under attack as hackers used the website of a Brazilian newspaper to target potential victims.

Apple Pay Security: Experts Weigh Pros and Cons

PayPal has been working to cast doubt on the security level of the forthcoming Apple Pay. Experts weigh in on the security of the new feature.