Written By Shane Schick

Masque Attack Switches iOS Apps With Malicious Duplicates

The so-called Masque attack lures iPhone users to update their favorite apps, then replaces those apps with identical but malicious imitators.

WireLurker iOS Trojan May Be Apple’s Worst Nightmare

A Trojan that security researchers have dubbed WireLurker infects Macs running OS X and then steals information on iOS devices after connecting via USB.

Security Leaders Claim Most Sites Using Drupal Have Been Hacked

A flaw in the Drupal content management system may affect many websites, but security leaders have released some steps to help mitigate the risk.

How the CurrentC Hack Could Change the Way Consumers Think About Apple Pay’s Competitors

Apple Pay has just hit the market as a rival mobile payment service, CurrentC, has lost email data during its pilot phase. How can consumers stay safe?

SMS Sneak Attack: Koler Android Ransomware Takes Over Smartphones, Demands Payment

The Koler Android ransomware variant is using bit.ly links and a phony message from the FBI to take over smartphones and demand money.

Cybercriminals Apply Malvertising Approach to Access Home Router DNS Settings

Security researchers have found malware in online ads may be a way for attackers to change the DNS settings of home routers and take over home computers.

Cybercriminals May Value Medical Data Even More Than Credit Card Numbers

Medical data may fetch cybercriminals up to 10 times more money on the black market than credit card information, warn the FBI and others.

Cybercriminals Brag They’re Ready to Release 200,000 Snapchat Photos

Cybercriminals on social media are claiming they have stolen hundreds of thousands of photos and images from Snapchat users that they will expose online.

Criminals Use Tyupkin Malware to Steal Millions From ATMs

A piece of malicious software called Tyupkin has allowed criminals to dispense millions of dollars in cash from ATMs in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Security Experts Tie Target, Home Depot Attacks to Online Store Selling Stolen Credit Cards

Security experts say data from stolen credit cards is surfacing on online marketplaces, where cybercriminals can download information to create forgeries.