Written By Shane Schick

Threat Actors Obfuscate JavaScript to Hide Crypto-Mining Malware

Cybercriminals buried crypto-mining malware inside compromised websites in an effort to hijack victims' computing resources.

YouTube Scam Lures Eager ‘Doctor Who’ Fans to Reveal Personal Data

Researchers uncovered a YouTube scam in which several fraudulent channels urge unsuspecting "Doctor Who" fans to submit personal data to supposedly stream the British science fiction show.

Researchers Find 18 Security Vulnerabilities in Foxit PDF Reader

A free browser plugin for creating, editing and viewing PDF files contains 18 security vulnerabilities that could expose users to remote code execution.

Viro Botnet Uses Spamming and Keylogging Capabilities to Spread Ransomware

Researchers observed the Viro botnet spreading spam, spying on users' keystrokes and distributing ransom notes written in French to victims in the U.S.

Tax Refund Phishing Cases Resurface in Scheme Targeting UK Users

Cybercriminals have been getting an early start on tax-related phishing cases by promising U.K. users a sizable refund in an attempt to steal credit card details and other personal information.

OilRig Group Aims BONDUPDATER Trojan Malware at Middle Eastern Governments

The OilRig threat group recently targeted government offices in the Middle East with a spear phishing attack that involved the Trojan malware BONDUPDATER.

Spam Campaigns Using IQY Files Infect Japanese Users With BEBLOH and URSNIF Malware

Researchers discovered spam campaigns last month that exploited IQY files to flood Japanese users with BEBLOH and URSNIF malware.

DanaBot’s Anti-VM Update Shows How Quickly Financial Cyberthreats Evolve

DanaBot, one of the most recent financial cyberthreats, has developed a way to avoid detection on virtual machines as it shifts focus from Australia to Poland.

Security Threat Group Spoofs Login Screens to Gain Unauthorized Access at 76 Universities in 14 Countries

A security threat group called COBALT DICKENS used more than 16 domains and 300 websites to create bogus login screens for 76 different universities in an attack that spanned 14 countries.

AppleJeus Trojan Targets Both Windows and MacOS in Attack Against Cryptocurrency Exchange

A recent attack against a cryptocurrency exchange planted a Trojan that spread across both Windows and MacOS machines to steal information and digital coins, according to security researchers.