Written By Shane Schick

Ramnit Infects More Than 100,000 Machines in Two Months

A new campaign involving the Ramnit botnet that infected 100,000 computers over a two-month period may foreshadow an even larger attack, researchers warn.

Princess Evolution Offers Majority of Spoils to Ransomware-as-a-Service Affiliates

The creators of a ransomware-as-a-service threat dubbed Princess Evolution are looking for affiliates to spread the Rig exploit kit in exchange for 60 percent of what's stolen.

New Ransomware Attacks Use Powerful Encryption to Impede Analysis and Evade Detection

New ransomware attacks from GandCrab suggest that the authors are moving quickly to improve its ability to evade detection and impede analysis by security researchers.

Banking Trojans Trickbot and IceID Partner for Distribution and Development

Trickbot has formed a partnership with another banking Trojan, IcedID, to help distribute each other's malware more widely — and possibly co-develop new capabilities.

Emotet Trojan Uses Complex Modules to Evade Standard Protection

According to security researchers, the Emotet Trojan is not only still active but has become more sophisticated and persistent in the four years since its initial discovery.

Phishing Campaign Uses FTP Links to Deliver DanaBot Banking Trojan

Australian businesses have been targeted in a phishing campaign that uses FTP links to deliver the DanaBot banking Trojan, which is designed to steal financial information and other private data.

Malware Attacks Exploit Open Source MDM Software to Compromise iPhones and Apps

Researchers observed 13 malware attacks targeting iPhone users in India that exploited open source mobile device management (MDM) tools to breach corporate devices.

Exploit Kit Creators Target Oft-Forgotten Vulnerabilities

According to new research, exploit kit creators have been targeting some of the oldest and most common software flaws — even as the cyberthreat landscape shifts to more sophisticated attack vectors.

Unsecured Third-Party Access Puts Personal Data at Risk

A July 2018 threat report from IBM X-Force Exchange revealed that threat group Magecart exploited unsecured third-party access to steal credit card details from Ticketmaster customers.

How Local Privacy Regulations Influence CISO Spending Around the World

New privacy regulations in California, the U.K. and other areas are adding to the number of frameworks CISOs say they have to study to make the best internal budgetary decisions.