Written By Shane Schick

Websites Replace Digital Certificates as Browsers Set Deadlines to Revoke Trust

One of the largest certificate authorities announced that the vast majority of the top 1 million websites had replaced the digital certificates major browsers plan to phase out in the coming months.

Survey: 86 Percent of Firms Will Deploy Biometric Authentication by 2020

A study from Spiceworks shows 86 percent of companies said they're either using biometric authentication or are planning to do so by 2020, despite concerns about possible flaws.

New Cybersecurity Threats Hit All-Time High in Q4 2017, Report Reveals

A recent report found that the volume of new cybersecurity threats doubled from four per second in Q3 2017 to eight per second in the fourth quarter.

World Economic Forum Creates Fintech Cybersecurity Forum to Assess Threat Readiness

The World Economic Forum enlisted several large companies to help it develop a framework to help improve fintech cybersecurity in the face of intensifying privacy regulations.

Security Flaw Spawns 10 New Kinds of 4G LTE Attacks, Researchers Report

A group of researchers discovered a flaw in the protocol used in telecommunications networks that could enable fraudsters to pursue at least 10 different types of 4G LTE attacks.

Security Breaches in Healthcare: 70 Percent Of Organizations Hit Globally, Report Shows

Increased adoption of digital data management solutions may be contributing to the increasing volume of security breaches in healthcare, according to a recent survey.

Domains Hosting Cryptocurrency Mining Scripts Jump 725 Percent

The number of domains hosting cryptocurrency mining scripts jumped 725 percent over a four-month period in the latter part of 2017, according to recent research.

Survey: 84 Percent of IT Professionals Are Considering New Cybersecurity Employment

A recent study revealed that 84 percent of IT professionals are considering seeking new cybersecurity employment due to lack of respect within their current organization and other motivating factors.

EMV Adoption Improves Credit Card Fraud Protection by 70 Percent, Study Finds

Increased EMV adoption is putting a dent in credit card fraud protection efforts, but cybercriminals continue to exploit security gaps in financial and retail organizations to steal card details.

Nearly One-Third of CISOs Have Adopted AI in Response to Cybersecurity News, Study Finds

A recent Cisco study found that more firms are responding to cybersecurity news headlines by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to safeguard data.