Written By Shane Schick

Why Growing Cyberthreat Awareness Among CEOs Could Lead to Bigger Security Budgets

Although IT leaders have traditionally struggled to gain executive buy-in for greater security budgets, recent data revealed that cyberthreat concerns are creeping closer to the top of CEOs' agendas.

Poor Password Practices Put Corporate Cybersecurity at Risk

A recent study showed that employees are failing to follow basic corporate cybersecurity best practices, such as creating unique passwords across multiple accounts and using two-factor authentication.

Despite Growing Awareness, CIOs Struggle With Cybersecurity Risk Management, Survey Reveals

Although concern about cybersecurity risk management is at an all-time high, a recent survey revealed that less than a quarter of CIOs feel prepared to deal with an attack.

Nearly Half of Healthcare Execs Say Cybersecurity Challenges Create M&A Headaches

A new report revealed rising levels of concern among healthcare executives about cybersecurity challenges that arise after mergers and acquisitions are finalized.

Three-Quarters of US Federal Agencies Face Cybersecurity Risk Challenges

A cybersecurity risk assessment outlined in a recent government report revealed that the majority of federal agencies struggle to address cyberthreats.

Cybersecurity Threats: 85 Percent of Security Professionals Predict a Major Attack

Eighty-five percent of security professionals believe cybersecurity threats will lead to an attack on major critical infrastructure within the next five years, according to a recent survey.

Cloud Security Solutions: Fighting Account Vulnerabilities and Cryptojacking

Risky configurations have led 51 percent of organizations to expose a cloud storage device, according to research report calling for greater attention to cloud security solutions.

Failure to Comply With Data Protection Regulations Can Cost Firms Nearly $15 Million

A recent report revealed that the cost of noncompliance is 2.71 times higher than the cost of aligning with data protection regulations.

New Cybercrime Statistics: 1 Billion Bots Involved in 210 Million Fraud Attempts in Q1

According to the latest cybercrime statistics, more than 210 million attempted fraud attacks occurred during the first quarter of this year, representing a 62 percent increase from 2017. In its “Q1 2018 Cybercrime Report,” ThreatMetrix...

Two-Thirds of IT Professionals Believe Their Endpoint Security Tools Won’t Prevent a Major Malware Attack

According to a recent survey, two-thirds of security professionals believe their endpoint security tools are insufficient to protect their organizations from malware.