Written By Shane Schick

UK Spy Agency Partners With Industry and Academia on Cybersecurity Research Program

The U.K. government, the spy agency GCHQ and various academic and business partners are pulling together for a cybersecurity research program.

TalkTalk Hack Could Have a $53 Million Price Tag, Even if Few Customers Are Affected

The latest TalkTalk hack could come with a hefty price tag for the Internet service provider — and major security implications for victims.

University Researchers Show How Widely Mobile Apps Share Users’ Personal Information

Harvard, MIT and Carnegie Mellon teamed up to show just how much of users' personal information is shared by smartphone applications.

OmniRAT Takes Over Android Devices Through Social Engineering Tricks

Cybercriminals could be leveraging remote tools such as OmniRAT to take over Android devices and steal data from unsuspecting victims.

Google’s Project Zero Discovers 11 Security Issues in Galaxy S6 Edge

The team at Google's Project Zero has discovered 11 high-impact security issues in Galaxy S6 Edge devices, and Samsung is moving to patch quickly.

Researchers Warn Cybercriminals Could Bypass Microsoft EMET via WoW64

Researchers at Duo Labs have shown how easily Microsoft EMET can be bypassed via WoW64.

Seven-Year-Old Xen Vulnerability Left Cloud Users Open to Attack From Guest VMs

The biggest concern most IT decision-makers have about the cloud is its security risk, so CISOs will likely be alarmed to learn of a new vulnerability.

MySQL Users: Watch Out for DDoS Attacks Via Chikdos Malware

Security researchers warned that the Chikdos malware is making a comeback, helping cybercriminals launch DDoS attacks against MySQL servers.

Cybercriminals Exploit Joomla Security Flaw Before Webmasters Upgrade Their CMS

Once news of the Joomla security flaw was made public, cybercriminals didn't waste any time trying to strike against vulnerable websites.

Joomla’s Latest Release Fixes SQL Injection Flaw That Put 2.8 Million Sites at Risk

The makers of Joomla have moved quickly to patch a hole that allowed cybercriminals to execute SQL injection attacks in the content management system.