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Shawn Hennessy

Global Strategist and Portfolio Manager – Security & Privacy, IBM Security

Shawn Hennessy brings extensive cross-industry and cross-sector experience in advanced technological architecture, development, and process management to his role as Global Strategist and Portfolio Manager – Security & Privacy Services. Shawn is responsible for providing market leading security consulting, assessment, system integration solutions and leading the execution of new custom security consulting offerings. His 25+ years’ achievement started in hardware and firmware development of electronic security systems, Industrial Control Systems and software development. In addition to his leadership and technical skills, his knowledge of securing information systems includes his MSc. from Boston University, various security credentials, and affiliation with security and professional organizations.

Written By Shawn Hennessy

In Data Security, What’s Your Security Nirvana?

Approaching enterprise data security by identifying business drivers can help organizations reach their security nirvana and keep secure from threats.

Data Security Goes Beyond Technology

Today's critical business data is under constant threat, which is why enterprises must apply adequate data protection for their data security measures.