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Shay Harel

Director of Development - Data Security - IBM

Shay is a passionate technical leader with years of experience of software and hardware development across multiple platforms and operating systems. With a rich background in engineering, QA, manufacturing and customer service, Shay draws additional experience from roles held at Orbotech (Israel) and EMC Corp.Today, Shay leads the worldwide development team for IBM Security’s Data Security segment, which includes Guardium, Guardium Data Encryption, Multi-Cloud Data Encryption and Security Key Lifecycle Manager. He holds 9 patents, along with two degrees – an MS from Brandeis University and a BS from Northeastern University – and enjoys volunteering in his spare time outside of work.

Written By Shay Harel

Enterprise Security: Cloud-y With a Chance of Data Breaches

Companies should look for a cloud security solution that sits in front of the database and can send traffic to your existing tools without having to install any software on the database.