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Shelley Westman

Vice President of Operations and Strategic Integration Initiatives, IBM

    Shelley Westman is Vice President of Operations and Strategic Integration Initiatives at IBM Security. In this role, Shelley is responsible for overall business operations as well as key projects and strategic initiatives across the Security Business Unit. Shelley also leads the University Programs for IBM Security and is involved in several IBM boards and committees on hiring and skills. Shelley is the founder of “WISE” - Women in Security Excelling.

    Written By Shelley Westman

    Addressing the Diversity Gap in Cybersecurity: Join the IBM-ICMCP Summit in October

    In an effort to help close the diversity gap in cybersecurity, IBM will be hosting a town hall summit to generate ideas for addressing this challenge.

    Hacking Contests Drive Millennials to Cybersecurity

    It's no secret that the cybersecurity talent shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing our industry — but there is action being taken.

    To Better Fight Attackers, Get Women in Security and Close the Gender Gap

    Recruiting and encouraging more women in security will fill a growing talent gap and provide more diverse skills to fight against ever-growing threats.