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Shmulik Regev

Head of Security Innovation, IBM

    Shmulik joined IBM through the Trusteer acquisition, where he was one of the founders. He currently leads the Security Innovation team, a role he started in the Trusteer days. He also led the cloud development and operations team for Trusteer and prior to that, he led client development. Both roles resulted in massively used and highly successful products. Shmulik has an entrepreneurial background, both as a founding member and an early joiner of a few startups. His current interests are the security of the IoT space and Blockchain, but he gets a kick out of any juicy technical challenge. Shmulik is a functional languages fan, an emacs devotee, a marathoner, a radio DJ and a music lover.

    Written By Shmulik Regev

    Innovative New Solutions for Securing the Internet of Things

    The grave state of security in the Internet of Things is rarely addressed by the industry, but IBM Security has been developing innovative solutions.