Steve Ocepek

Chief Technology Officer, X-Force Red
During the past 15+ years, Steve Ocepek has received five patents in the field of network security, as well as launched various successful security projects, including founding Wholepoint Corporation, which focused on threat intelligence, malware analysis and other security domains. He also launched Trustwave’s SpiderLabs Research division. Today, as a member of the X-Force Red team, his primary responsibilities include managing and delivering security services to X-Force Red’s global client base. Steve’s experience spans both attack and defense, with extensive experience in both penetration testing and network defense. Trusted as an experienced investigator, Steve has led cyber response activities across dozens of high-profile breaches. As Manager of Incident Response for Fidelity Information Services, Steve worked with specialists across the private sector and federal law enforcement to create a unified state-of-the-art team of responders within the organization. Steve has provided numerous open source contributions to the field of information security including both attack and defense tools. Speaking engagements include Black Hat (US/EU), DEF CON, RSA, BSides, and OWASP AppSec.
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