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Steve Ocepek

Regional Leader of Americas, X-Force Red
Steve Ocepek is the Regional Leader of Americas for X-Force Red, IBM's cutting-edge offensive security team, where he works with clients to create and execute realistic attack scenarios and simulations. Steve started his career in information security in 2001 as a founder of Wholepoint Corporation, a Network Access Control pioneer, later acquired security firm Trustwave. The recipient of five patents in the field of network security, Steve launched Trustwave’s Spiderlabs Research division and led the team’s growth into new security domains, such as Threat Intelligence and Malware Analysis. As Manager of Incident Response for Fidelity Information Services, he worked with specialists across the private sector and federal law enforcement to create a unified state-of-the-art team of responders within the organization. His portfolio includes several open source contributions to the field of Information Security including both attack and defense tools. Speaking engagements include Black Hat (US/EU), Defcon, RSA, BSides, and OWASP AppSec.

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