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Steven D'Alfonso

Senior Financial Crimes Intelligence Specialist, IBM Red Cell

    Steven D'Alfonso joined IBM in April of 2013 as an inaugural member of the Red Cell team. Red Cell is a team of highly skilled subject matter experts in the field of counter financial crimes. The primary purpose of the team is to become a key thought leader in financial crime intelligence. Red Cell is tasked with identifying current and emerging trends, development of thought provoking research papers, strategy development, creation of profiles to detect/prevent financial crimes, and providing input into the creation of application/software to maximize the use of inherent and external intelligence.

    Written By Steven D'Alfonso

    Who Are ‘Knowing’ Money Mules?

    Knowing money mules work for organizations to transfer illegally acquired money. The following are a few different ways these mules tend to operate.

    Money Mule Targets: The Extremely Gullible and Financially Distressed

    A money mule is an important element in the process to cash out compromised financial accounts and can be either wittingly or unwittingly involved.

    Why Organized Crime and Terror Groups Are Converging

    Organized crime and terrorist groups are converging, raising the stakes for transnational crime rings and opportunities for damaging cyberattacks.

    Russian Email Data Breach: Top Ways the Data Could Be Used

    In the wake of a reported data breach by hackers in Russia, individuals and companies should be on the lookout for these types of malicious attacks.

    4.5 Million Patient Records Stolen in CHS Data Breach — What’s Next?

    Community Health Systems has reported that it was the target of a data breach, demonstrating how vulnerable the health care industry is to attacks.

    Co-Written By Steven D'Alfonso

    Why Tax Refund Fraud Losses Are Growing Rapidly

    Tax refund fraud is catching the attention of cybercriminals, who are committing identity theft to claim a piece of this billion-dollar industry.