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Sue Poremba

    I began writing within the branded content/content marketing space in 2011, including articles, blog posts, SEO, Q&A, and profiles. My specialties are cybersecurity and technology, which I've covered on behalf of a variety of industry verticals (after all, what industry doesn't rely on technology or require security systems?). Throughout the years I've covered security and tech for branded content, I've had a front row seat to security's connection to cloud computing, mobile, big data, IoT and other technologies, and I've become a well-respected reporter in this area. Onalytica recently named me as a top 25 influencer in the cybersecurity space. My relationship with experts and marketing professionals in the security industry provide me with ready access to breaking news and sources for quick-turnaround interviews. In addition to a security blog on IT Business Edge, my work has appeared in Tom's Guide, Forbes, Dark Reading (as a ghostwriter), CIO, CSO, Security Magazine, and USA Today, among other publications. Brands I've worked with and wrote content for include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, SungardAS, Citizens Bank, Verizon, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, TruSTAR, Fortinet, and LogMeIn, to name a few.

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    It’s Time to Infuse AI Into Your Endpoint Security Strategy

    As the threat landscape evolves to target connected devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will become increasingly crucial parts of any organization's endpoint security strategy.

    Why Privileged Account Management Is Key to Preventing Insider Threats

    To protect their networks from insider threats, security teams need greater visibility into privileged accounts held by both employees and third-party vendors.

    How Will You Face the High Price of DDoS Attacks?

    The largest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that occurred in the spring of 2018 targeted GitHub and lasted more than eight minutes and measured 1.3 Tbps. How will you face such an attack?

    Critical Data: How Exposed Is Your Personal Information?

    Do you know who can see the critical data on your network? Learn how and why organizations may not be doing enough to protect sensitive information.

    Class Is in Session: Improving Cybersecurity Awareness in the Education Sector

    The education industry faces a security crisis, one that goes beyond protecting the classrooms and hallways. IT professionals in the education sector see cybersecurity as their top priority, consistently ranking it as their No. 1 concern. However,...

    Keep Your Eyes on the Threat Horizon to Improve Incident Response

    By keeping their eyes on the threat horizon, security professionals can implement better incident response strategies to contend with evolving cybercriminal tactics.