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Sue Poremba

    I began writing within the branded content/content marketing space in 2011, including articles, blog posts, SEO, Q&A, and profiles. My specialties are cybersecurity and technology, which I've covered on behalf of a variety of industry verticals (after all, what industry doesn't rely on technology or require security systems?). Throughout the years I've covered security and tech for branded content, I've had a front row seat to security's connection to cloud computing, mobile, big data, IoT and other technologies, and I've become a well-respected reporter in this area. Onalytica recently named me as a top 25 influencer in the cybersecurity space. My relationship with experts and marketing professionals in the security industry provide me with ready access to breaking news and sources for quick-turnaround interviews. In addition to a security blog on IT Business Edge, my work has appeared in Tom's Guide, Forbes, Dark Reading (as a ghostwriter), CIO, CSO, Security Magazine, and USA Today, among other publications. Brands I've worked with and wrote content for include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, SungardAS, Citizens Bank, Verizon, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, TruSTAR, Fortinet, and LogMeIn, to name a few.

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    Data Privacy Must Evolve Beyond Confidentiality

    Most security systems are built with data confidentiality in mind, but effective data privacy will also emphasize integrity and availability.

    Why the EU Is More Likely to Drive IT and Security Trends Than the US

    EU companies are far ahead of their U.S. counterparts in terms of adopting IT and security trends, according to recent research.

    How to Secure Mobile Messaging in Your Enterprise

    Two decades ago, AOL's Instant Messenger changed the way we communicate. Today, mobile messaging is more popular than ever — but not much more secure.

    As IoT Security Concerns Rise, Are Solutions Keeping Up?

    This year, IoT security jumped in importance for many security professionals as enterprises continue to adopt more IoT technologies. Now, our security tools and solutions need to catch up.

    Your Web Applications Are More Vulnerable Than You Think

    A recent study from Positive Technologies shined a light on an attack vector that is often overlooked: the insecurity of web applications.

    Why Your Organization Should Invest in Cybersecurity Insurance

    Despite the rising cost of a data breach, many organizations still believe they don't need cybersecurity insurance.

    Password Management Remains an Issue — What’s Next?

    Common password management habits have been insecure and out-of-date for a while. But despite knowledge of the risks around recycled credentials and other gaps, users have been slow to change tack.

    Identity Is the New Perimeter — But Where’s Its Firewall?

    Network and endpoint access procedures have progressed to the point that now identity is the new perimeter of cybersecurity. Improving methods of multifactor authentication is crucial to building trust.

    How to Manage App Security Amid Expanding Shadow IT

    Protecting endpoint-generated data is the name of the game in cybersecurity today. However, increasing shares of shadow IT devices in the workplace are making app security a more significant challenge.

    Digital Strategy Isn’t Meeting Security Needs — Here’s What to Do

    IT professionals often find their digital strategy is not keeping pace with the ongoing digital transformation. Accountability needs to be more broadly distributed to secure data adequately.