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Sue Poremba

    I began writing within the branded content/content marketing space in 2011, including articles, blog posts, SEO, Q&A, and profiles. My specialties are cybersecurity and technology, which I've covered on behalf of a variety of industry verticals (after all, what industry doesn't rely on technology or require security systems?). Throughout the years I've covered security and tech for branded content, I've had a front row seat to security's connection to cloud computing, mobile, big data, IoT and other technologies, and I've become a well-respected reporter in this area. Onalytica recently named me as a top 25 influencer in the cybersecurity space. My relationship with experts and marketing professionals in the security industry provide me with ready access to breaking news and sources for quick-turnaround interviews. In addition to a security blog on IT Business Edge, my work has appeared in Tom's Guide, Forbes, Dark Reading (as a ghostwriter), CIO, CSO, Security Magazine, and USA Today, among other publications. Brands I've worked with and wrote content for include Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, SungardAS, Citizens Bank, Verizon, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, TruSTAR, Fortinet, and LogMeIn, to name a few.

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    Why Security Incidents Often Go Underreported

    If you saw a coworker browsing through a database they weren't supposed to have access to, would you report it? New research suggests that employees often underreport such security incidents.

    Finding New Approaches to Web Application Security

    Because so much is centered on web services and similar technology nowadays, web application security must be a high priority within any security system.

    Security Awareness Training Without Tech Awareness Can Leave Employees in the Dark

    With the advent of digital transformation, it becomes even more important — and urgent — that business technology awareness be stressed right along with security awareness training.

    What Cartoons Can Teach Us About Cyberattacks

    I will never watch "The Little Mermaid" again without thinking about ransomware and cyberattacks.

    Rethinking the Industry’s Approach to the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    Until now, we've looked at the cybersecurity skills gap in a very broad sense, as if all security jobs and needs are equal. Maybe it's time we look at the skills gap problem in different ways.

    Mobile Security Risks Are on the Rise, But Employers Continue to Cut Corners

    While smartphones and tablets have become more ubiquitous in the workplace, organizations are flat out ignoring mobile security risks.

    A Busy IT Infrastructure Can Lead to Security Disaster

    Smartphones, tablets and cloud computing have been leading the way in the workplace until now, but the growing popularity of the internet of things could totally change the look of IT infrastructure.

    What Security Threats of the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Cybersecurity

    If we look close enough, many new security threats are something we've seen in another form or an attack style we've had to previously defend against.

    Organizations Continue to Fail at IoT Security, and the Consequences Are Growing

    As the internet of things (IoT) takes over the world, IoT security remains, well, pitiful. Organizations are failing to ensure that the networks and data generated by IoT devices remain protected.

    Developing a Security Plan Around Consumer Data Privacy Concerns

    The onus to meet the challenge of consumers' security and privacy expectations is on the enterprise. Developing a security plan around consumer concerns is a good first step.