David Bisson

David Bisson is an information security journalist and security news junkie. He is the Senior Content Manager at Bora Design, an IT security marketing agency which specializes in content creation and social media management. Through Bora, he serves as Associate Editor for The State of Security, the official blog for Tripwire, Inc., and Contributing Author for Venafi. David has been writing about digital security since before he graduated undergraduate school. While a senior in college, he began contributing articles to Information Security Buzz. It was a short time after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and completing his senior thesis, a project in which he argues strategic culture helps to explain the U.S. military's use of "cyber power," that David started writing more frequently for Information Security Buzz and eventually for Tripwire, Metacompliance, and OASIS Open. Outside of his work for Bora, David has written for and is presently contributing to multiple other blogs. In the past, he regularly submitted information security news articles and helpful guides to Graham Cluley Security News as well as participated as a guest expert on a couple of episodes for Cluley's weekly security-themed podcast "Smashing Security." He also wrote about breaking developments and important trends in the field of ransomware for Carbonite's Fight Ransomware initiative. In that same capacity, he discussed Bitcoin and its association with ransomware on a podcast, and he conversed with other experts about the threat of crypto-malware on a panel held in New York City and streamed to the web. David now produces security news articles, promotional content, and whitepapers as a Contributor Author for IBM's Security Intelligence, Gemalto, Centrify, among others. He also freelances as a security expert for webinars concerning email-based threats and how organizations can defend themselves, among other topics.
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