Thanassis Diogos

X-Force IRIS Consultant
Thanassis has graduated as Electrical Engineer and I hold an MSc in Information Security. He has been in the industry as a security professional for the last 15+ years. He started his career as being passionate about OS security and soon expanded to networking security as well. Constantly researching cybercrime and software attacks by using a variety of low and high interaction honeypots while analyzing interesting and advanced malicious operations. He is a big enthusiast of investigations and threat intelligence. A big part of forensics is network analysis which he has done exhaustive research and study. Therefore he is included in the "Thanks" section of the popular book from Laura Chappell "Wireshark Network Analysis: The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide". He was at Microsoft for 9 years as CEE Security Lead and member of the Incident Response team servicing customers among different industries including public sector, banking and various other multinational corporations. Moving on he has been delivering forensics investigations within EMEA for incidents such as credit card breaches, APTs, malware outbreaks, insider cases, data leak etc. He is now part of the IBM X-Force IRIS EU team guiding clients through critical incidents and providing remediation leadership. He has presented his research results in various conferences including Athcon Security Conference “Uncovering Bots & Botnets", BSides “Operation Grand Mars, defending against Carbanak”, Teched Europe “Cybercrime: Practical Overview”. He is also an official ISC2 instructor for the CISSP course in EMEA and has participated in cyber-exercises arranged by national army and providing a virtualized scenario simulating an APT attack. His latest research was about the “Grand Mars Operation” which described major malicious activities spread across Europe by abusing Google and other known legitimate services.
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