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Tom Mulvehill

Program Director, IBM BigFix Offering Management

Tom Mulvehill is the Program Director for IBM BigFix Offering Management. He is an established security professional with over thirty years of combined product management, product marketing and development experience. Tom has worked with a wide range of customers to define and deliver new products for both start-up and large companies. For the past ten years Tom has focused on application, mobile, and endpoint security. Focusing on best practices, he has helped organizations develop secure web-based and mobile applications. In his current role Tom is responsible for advancing IBM’s endpoint management and security strategy. He routinely works with customers and partners to advance their security plans and roadmaps.

Written By Tom Mulvehill

The Road to 2020, Part II: Transforming Your Enterprise With IoT

To protect sensitive data from emerging threats associated with the rise of the IoT, security analysts must adopt a centralized approach to UEM.

The Risk From Mobile Malware Is Real — and Growing

The threat of mobile malware is real, so enterprises must provide security for both corporate applications and managed mobile devices.

Mobile Security for Unmanaged Devices

An oft-overlooked aspect of mobile security is the risk introduced by compromised devices. When a device is at risk, the data on it is also at risk.

Mobile Security Framework: How to Keep Enterprises Secure

In order to combat potential data breaches, organizations must focus their attention on mobile security and bring-your-own-device policies.

Securing Your Mobile Applications Doesn’t Have to Be So Overwhelming

Security awareness is definitely growing. Increasingly, organizations understand the need, even the requirement, to protect sensitive mobile application data. But organizations are concerned and frustrated about how they can make their mobile...

Why Enterprises Should Fear Their Mobile Application Users

Need to convey how enterprise data is at risk from malware that infects the mobile devices of their users. The malware mines for user and enterprise data on the mobile device. If enterprise mobile applications are insecure not protected data is at...

Co-Written By Tom Mulvehill