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Tom Obremski

QRadar Product Manager, IBM

    Tom Obremski is a product manager for IBM QRadar Security Intelligence. Tom has over 20 years of experience developing and bringing technology products to market with roles as a product developer, development manager, business development manager and product manager. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and PhD in Electrical Engineering and possesses an intense interest in all things related to cybersecurity.

    Written By Tom Obremski

    Back to Filing Cabinets? Simplifying the Complex Task of Data Security

    Without visibility into all data stored on the network, the complex task of data security can have IT teams pining for the bygone days of filing cabinets.

    Using Network Insights to Stay One Step Ahead of Emerging Threats

    With the right network insights, analysts can deal with existing threats such as WannaCry, and quickly detect and respond to new attacks as they emerge.

    The Power of Network Insights: Nowhere for Threats to Hide

    IBM QRadar Network Insights enables security professionals to analyze historical threat data and identify indicators of malicious activity in real time.

    Is Full Packet Capture Worth the Investment?

    Packet capture certainly isn't new, and more companies are seeing the value in it. But is full packet capture worth the investment?