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Tomer Agayev

IBM Trusteer. IBM

Tomer is a Security Threat Researcher at IBM Trusteer for over a year. Experienced in malware analysis and advanced threat research.

Co-Written By Tomer Agayev

BackSwap Malware Now Targets Six Banks in Spain

IBM X-Force researchers discovered that BackSwap, a banking Trojan that had previously only targeted Polish banks, now has its sights set on six banks in Spain.

Q1 2018 Results: Gozi (Ursnif) Takes Larger Piece of the Pie and Distributes IcedID

Gozi took a larger slice of the financial malware pie and become the most active banking Trojan in 2017, according to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2018.

New Banking Trojan IcedID Discovered by IBM X-Force Research

IBM X-Force identified a new Trojan, dubbed IcedID, that uses advanced browser manipulation tactics to target financial institutions in the U.S. and U.K.