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Tousif Syed

Senior Managing Consultant, IBM

Senior security professional with experience in information security, infrastructure security, cyber risk advisory, regional business planning and development, practice management, competency growth, service delivery, managing customer relations, leading teams, executing large and complex projects and designing new service offerings/ products

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Rinse, Wash, Repeat: Defining, Planning and Continuously Improving Your SIEM Strategy

For security leaders, the process of defining an SIEM strategy is never complete. A successful deployment requires careful planning, regular review and a culture of continuous improvement.

Improving Decision-Making in User Access Review and Cleanup Projects

Machine learning algorithms can help security teams improve decision-making while conducting user access review and cleanup projects.

Applying the Principles of Quantum Entanglement to Secure Communication

When applied to data security, the principles of quantum mechanics — namely, the theory of quantum entanglement — hold the potential to facilitate secure communication and prevent eavesdropping.