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Umesh Yerram

Cybersecurity Strategy, Risk and Compliance Leader for North America, IBM

Umesh Yerram is an information security senior executive with over 16 years of progressive experience. He has a proven track record of building efficient and sustainable information security programs to meet business and compliance requirements, all while maximizing value from technology investments. He has helped fortune 500 companies assess the current state of their information security posture and developed over-arching enterprise information security strategy that is organized to manage risk, foster innovation and meet growing business and regulatory compliance requirements. He has helped fortune 500 companies perform information security budget evaluations based on risk mitigation to drive positive return on investment while managing the risk to the business. Umesh is an exceptional leader with a deep technical security skill set. He has partnered with Internal Audit, Federal and State Authorities, Auditor General's Office, Legal counsel and outside consultants on required cyber security initiatives and incidents. He has acted as a trusted advisor to C-level officers and boards of directors, providing regular “state of security” updates to improve information security and manage risk to the enterprise from new emerging threat vectors.

Written By Umesh Yerram

Why Do Incidents Become Breaches?

Organizations can prevent damaging data breaches by identifying assets, monitoring those assets and implementing a tested incident response plan.

How to Balance Low Investment Cost and High Risk Reduction in a Security Initiative

Balancing risk reduction and costly security investments can be tricky, but one effective way to do it is by emphasizing user awareness training.

Silver Bullets to Address Emerging Threats and Maintain Your Security Posture

Identifying and embracing the silver bullets of a security program helps professionals reduce the risks facing their organization.