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Veronica Shelley

WW Market Segment Manager, IBM Security

Veronica Shelley is the worldwide marketing manager for the IBM Security Identity and Access Management (IAM) portfolio. She is a dedicated advocate for people-based security solutions, using web, social media and marketing assets to promote their benefits. She frequently comments on IAM’s impact on emerging security requirements, such as cloud/mobile, compliance and governance. In her nearly 18 years at IBM, Veronica has been marketing manager for various software products, specializing in marketing communications and sales enablement.

Written By Veronica Shelley

Winning the Battle Against Insider Threats

Insider threats may be one of the biggest risks facing your organization today, yet they often fly under the radar when it comes to risk management.

Make More Room on the Trophy Shelf: IBM Wins 2015 IAM Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan recently bestowed IBM with its 2015 Global Leadership Award, recognizing IBM's security portfolio for its IAM services.

They Came From Outer Space: What Sci-Fi Movies Can Teach Us About IAM Security

IAM tools can provide a way to apply security intelligence, behavioral analytics and SIEM tools to the complex world of user management.

It’s a Matter of Trust: Protecting Against Insider Threats

Insider threats are a real concern for organizations, but enterprises can improve their security posture with the right management tools and best practices

To Err Is Human: Why Your Users’ Identity Is Your Security’s Weakest Link

Organizations should consider using an identity and access management solution to reduce their risk of a breach related to human error.

Is Your IAM Program Ready for the Digital Future?

Even if your company has established identity and access management (IAM) programs, you may need help coping with new complications and business demands.

Protecting Privileged Identity in Cloud Environments

Have you thought about how to secure and monitor privileged identity information as you move your enterprise applications into the cloud?

Discovering Threat-Aware Identity and Access Management

IBM Pulse Protect 2014 will introduce “the new face of IAM," IBM Security Identity and Access Management solutions redesigned to help deliver access services safely, efficiently and cost-effectively to internal and external users within security...

Shhh… Can You Keep a Secret? Protecting Against Insider Threats

Protecting against insider threats and security breaches is not always easy. The infamous NSA data leaks and various well-publicized thefts of corporate resources have prompted executives to consider how best to protect their crown jewels from...

4 Lessons Learned From a Security Breach

The infamous NSA security breach reminds us once again of the immense damage that can be caused by a single privileged user with an agenda. Privileged users, with their unlimited access to system and network resources, can access and leak all types...

Co-Written By Veronica Shelley