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Vijay Dheap

Big Data Security Intelligence & Mobile Security, IBM Security

Vijay Dheap currently leads Mobile Security Strategy and Big Data Security Intelligence Solutions for IBM. As the resident strategist he led the formulation of IBM's mobile security strategy and is championing the technology solutions that make it actionable. Vijay is also the global solutions manager for IBM's Big Data Security Intelligence. He is well versed on mapping business priorities to technology requirements given that he started off his career as a developer, then transitioned into business analyst role prior to becoming a key member of IBM Security Division's product management team. He holds an International MBA from Duke Fuqua School of Business and a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada.

Written By Vijay Dheap

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson: Revolutionizing the Way Security Analysts Work

IBM Security developed QRadar Advisor to help IT analysts address gaps in speed, accuracy and intelligence and respond to incidents more confidently

Delivering Forensic Value in the Age of Encryption

The QRadar security tools suite is expanding to include incident forensics, which should help experts diagnose issues and prevent them from recurring.

Extending the Reach of Cybersecurity

Service providers can help SMBs employ excellent cybersecurity through specialized practice, shaping themselves into hubs of security competencies.

Cyber Forensics: From Dark Arts to Common Practice

Organizations' security teams can use cyber forensics to better respond to increasingly sophisticated and advanced security threats.

Demystifying the Dark Art of Cyber Forensics

As cybersecurity takes center stage as a result of a growing number of destructive data breaches, cyber forensics cannot remain a niche capability.

3 Basic Tips to Optimize Your Investments in Cybersecurity

With cyberattacks on the rise, companies must boost their security investments to keep their systems safe and their names out of the headlines.

IBM to Acquire Fiberlink: What It Means for Mobile Security

IBM has announced our intent to acquire Fiberlink. Fiberlink's MaaS360 enterprise mobility management (EAM) platform delivers leading mobile management and security capabilities from the cloud. Mobile management, when taken in combination with...

Demo on Amplifying Security Intelligence with Big Data

There has been a lot of excitement and buzz in the industry about Big Data, and how it can be used to amplify Security Intelligence to provide greater protection against advanced threats, fraud, and insider threats. IBM's integrated Security...

What You Need to Know About Security Intelligence with Big Data

Leading security intelligence solutions today rely upon a set of structured and semi-structured data sources, including logs, network traffic and others, to provide the Security Operations Center with an on-going real-time view of their...

What is Your Organization’s Security IQ?

Security Intelligence is quickly reaching the mainstream consciousness as a result of recent events. In the past, the public reaction to compromised data or cyber security was one of surprise and filled with reactionary angst. Now the reaction...

Co-Written By Vijay Dheap

Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Recent advancements in machine learning, deep learning and cognitive security have made artificial intelligence an essential tool for cybersecurity teams.

Getting Primed to Adopt Cognitive Security Solutions

IT professionals are beginning to adopt cognitive security solutions to help them speed up response times and identify threats more effectively.

Turn Your IT Security Staff Into Capable Incident Forensics Investigators: A Q&A With IBM’s Vijay Dheap

IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics Product Manager Vijay Dheap discussed some of the biggest concepts and developments happening in his sector.