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Vikalp Paliwal

Product Manager, IBM Security – Guardium

Vikalp Paliwal is Product Manager for Guardium. In prior roles, Vikalp held a variety of positions in Software Product Management & Business Strategy supporting data management, information governance, and big data solutions at IBM.

Written By Vikalp Paliwal

Latest Malware Strains Target Cloudera Hadoop for Bitcoin Mining and DDoS Attacks

Security researchers discovered that several new malware strains are targeting known Cloudera Hadoop vulnerabilities for bitcoin mining and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) purposes.

How Can Companies Move the Needle on Enterprise Cloud Security Risks and Compliance?

Traditional vulnerability assessments don't always show the full picture of cloud security, compliance and risk. How can enterprises get ahead of the curve?

GDPR Readiness: From Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished

GDPR readiness starts with a solid understanding of what Personal Data looks like, where it is located, who is accessing it and who wants to compromise it.

Getting Ready for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation? Learn, Think and Prepare

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on May 25, 2018, and subjects noncomplying organizations to steep fines.

Uncovering Risk From SAP HANA Vulnerabilities Can Be Simple and Easy

Vulnerabilities in a SAP HANA system can result in major consequences for users, but identifying and remediating these issues can be easy.

From Compliance to Breaches: Managing Data Source Vulnerabilities Is a Big Challenge

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment can help solve a twofold problem faced by many enterprises: managing compliance and securing data.

Data Compliance — Do You Really Have What It Takes?

Data compliance automation is essential and can help keep you sane. But how can you apply it in your organization without a large investment of resources?

Data Security: How Vulnerable Is Your Critical Data?

Data security today requires a holistic approach that caters to customer concerns and leverages cloud, mobile, social and big data with confidence.