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Vikash Abraham

Product Marketing Manager, IBM Security

Vikash Abraham currently works as a marketing manager within the IBM Security division. A passionate security evangelist, he comes with 10+ years of varied experience in the IT industry. After building a strong technical foundation with Delivery, he moved on to execute business, sales and marketing roles. Vikash completed his graduation from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India.

Written By Vikash Abraham

Cloud Security: Protecting Your Enterprise at the Edge

To maintain an appropriate level of cloud security, your organization must work to provide a strong security posture at the points of entry.

3 Essentials of a Network Security Superhero

An effective network security solution should exhibit the qualities of a superhero, exhibiting superhuman intelligence, visibility and control.

Cloud Security: A Blind Spot Where Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The cloud has been a major talking point for a while now but when it comes to cloud security some aspects remain something of a mystery. One common blind spot in the cloud is virtualization, one of the main components of the cloud.

Top 3 Security Enhancement Approaches to Protect Against New Threats

Based on my exposure to a variety of real customer scenarios from across the globe, I captured the top three common security enhancement approaches taken by customers. Including new threat challenges, changing priorities, failed implementations,...

A Zen Approach to Security

Ancient wisdom continues to amaze me, and this struck me: Isn’t there a strong correlation between ancient philosophies and infrastructure security? This blog post does not look at measuring the superiority of any one school of thought, but...

Top 3 Basic Considerations to Secure the Cloud

While Cloud has been clearly identified as the next step to IT optimization, essential for increased performance and cost reduction, many of us are in a haze when it comes to the fundamental security measures required. Basic components of cloud and...

Co-Written By Vikash Abraham