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Vinaykumar Sukumar

World Wide Offering Manager, IBM

    Vinay is currently a Worldwide Offering Manager for technology integrations, vulnerability assessment and risk management solutions with IBM Security. He has 10+ years of industry experience with 7+ on the QRadar platform and related Security Intelligence technologies. Vinay has been a valued speaker and presenter on topics of IT Security across various conferences and events.

    Written By Vinaykumar Sukumar

    Don’t Worry About the KRACK Vulnerability — Just Create a Team of Superheroes!

    There is no silver bullet to thwart the KRACK vulnerability, but a security intelligence platform can help analysts become security superheroes.

    Vulnerability Management: Do You Know Your Risks?

    Vulnerability management is a critical part of any security program, but many IT professionals fail to realize that it starts with risk management.