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Vivien Raoul

Chief Technical Officer, Pradeo

Since 2008, Vivien Raoul, Pradeo’s co-founder and chief technical officer, has committed himself to creating a next-generation technology that provides reliable mobile device threat detection and master applications. Pradeo Security solution is the result of several years of research and development and takes mobile security to the next level.

Written By Vivien Raoul

Which Mobile Threats Do You Need to Prepare For?

As the workforce has embraced digital transformation, the volume and frequency of mobile threats has skyrocketed. Which threats should your organization be worried about?

The Cybercrime Landscape Is Evolving — Will Your Mobile Threat Defense Strategy Keep Up?

As the workforce embraces mobility to increase productivity, organizations must adopt a more innovative, dynamic approach to mobile threat defense.

Data Privacy Regulations: Ensuring Mobile Data Protection in Light of Increasing Regulations

Organizations in every industry, from banking to retail, healthcare and more, are required to apply mobile data protection rules set by governments that impose massive fines in cases of noncompliance. Until the early 2000s, it was simpler to control...