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Warren Perez Araya


I have been working as a SIEM administrator for the last 3 years. Before this, I worked as a System and Network administrator for about 7 years.

Written By Warren Perez Araya

Is Malware Analysis Right for Your Business?

For companies that want to understand what is happening in their networks but lack malware analysis tools, using what is publicly available could be the difference between an infection and a crisis.

Why, When and How Often Should You Pen Test?

A pen test can help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their systems and software before threat actors have a chance to exploit them.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics: Will You Buy or Build?

Companies generally have two options for incident response and digital forensics: Buy or build? Explore the fundamentals of both options, which could help you decide.

An Eagle Eye Over Network Security: Configuring Log Sources to Maximize SIEM Visibility

To get the most out of an SIEM solution, analysts must properly configure their log sources to generate alerts when they stop reporting for certain periods of time, depending on their priority level.