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Westley McDuffie

Security Evangelist, IBM

Westley McDuffie has over 20 years' experience in Military-oriented analysis, network infrastructure and information security, mixed in with 10 years of classroom led instruction. Westley's dedication to educating customers in the art of information security has earned numerous accolades in the security industry. He now is associated with the IBM Federal Sales Team as their Chief Security Evangelist, supporting the DOD and Intelligence Communities.

Written By Westley McDuffie

The Holes in Your Knows

Eliminate holes in your knows by monitoring all privileged access and tying any questionable activity to auditable executions.

The Pros of Attending Cons: Why Conferences Offer the Best Security Education Opportunities

Cybersecurity conferences can be expensive and require months of planning and lots of travel, but the security education benefits far outweigh the costs.

Network Mapping: Better Than Asset Inventory, but Not by Much

Adding elements of security intelligence to your network mapping can make a big difference in your organization's security practices.

Ignorance Is No Excuse, but It Is Reality

Willful ignorance is an unfortunate reality in today's security landscape. Education, training and information sharing are the keys to defeating it.

The Endless Quest for Certainty Through SIEM

Just because you have a SIEM does not mean you have real-world security. But you are one step closer as long as you use it to answer who did what and how.