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Whitney Sizemore

Project Manager for Managed Security Services, IBM

    Whitney Sizemore is a graduate of Texas Tech University who works as a Project Manager in Atlanta, GA. Whitney is known for her southern charm, love of sweet tea, and efforts to encourage young women to pursue an education in technology/security.

    Written By Whitney Sizemore

    Push for Progress: Empowering Women in Cybersecurity With Voice, Vision and Innovation

    Although International Women's Day has come and gone, the push to empower women in cybersecurity and educate young women about their career options is a year-long effort.

    Addressing Common Vulnerabilities and Security Gaps in the Oil and Gas Industry

    To close common security gaps in the oil and gas industry, IT leaders should educate employees, better manage remote devices and eschew standard products.

    Drilling for Answers: Cyberattacks on the Rise in the Oil and Gas Industry

    As cybercriminals have begun plumbing new avenues of attack, the oil and gas industry has experienced a rise in cyberattacks over the past year.

    Why Should Women in Security Shoot for the Stars?

    In response to the dearth of women in security, IBM is leading an industrywide push to encourage and enable women to pursue cybersecurity careers.

    Is Watson Like a Firefly?

    You've heard the buzz words "Watson" and "cognitive" floating like fireflies on a summer night. Watson is changing the future, one small step at a time.