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Youssef Elmalty

Global Cybersecurity Architect, IBM

Youssef Elmalty is an internationally renowned cybersecurity expert specializing in cyber crime and defense. Based out of Singapore, Youssef is currently the head of cybersecurity for IBM and provides thought leadership across multiple IBM Security Consulting & Delivery domains. This includes Security Strategy, Risk, Compliance, Security Assessments and Incident Response. Youssef helps clients from various industries such as government, defense and telecommunication build their cyber security maturity programs. Youssef holds numerous professional, industry-recognized certifications. Academically, Youssef holds a BSc in Computer Science from Middlesex University and an MSc in Security Science from EC Council University.

Written By Youssef Elmalty

Considerations for Patching the Cisco ASA Vulnerability

The Cisco ASA IKE buffer overflow is a critical vulnerability and requires a proactive response. Let's look at possible Cisco ASA remediation actions.