In the most recent Leadership Compass for CIAM, KuppingerCole analyzed CIAM vendors and named IBM Cloud Identity Service a market leader in the consumer identity and access management (CIAM) space. The CIAM analyst and author of the Leadership Compass, John Tolbert, provided a helpful overview of the consumer IAM market as well as a compass for readers to use when evaluating CIAM vendors. Within the market segment review, research revealed the customer-focused identity market is growing more rapidly than traditional IAM.

Standing Out Among CIAM Vendors

Among the CIAM vendors researched by KuppingerCole was IBM’s multitenant, fully cloud-based Cloud Identity Service, which was reviewed in the report as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. Cloud Identity Service’s market leadership position among CIAM vendors within the Leadership Compass is due to its geographic distribution of customers, the size of deployments and services, the size and geographic distribution of the partner ecosystem, and financial health of the vendor.

Tolbert noted a requirement for market leaders is “global reach.” Being positively rated among CIAM vendors in security, functionality, integration, interoperability and usability, Cloud Identity Service was analyzed as an offering to consider when needing both traditional IAM and consumer IAM from one solution.

Learn More About IBM Cloud Identity Service

IBM’s security strategist for Cloud Identity and Access Management, Ryan Dougherty, said IBM was happy to see recognition for Cloud Identity Service as a market-leading consumer IAM offering. Dougherty explained that, since its inception, Cloud Identity Service has been designed to excel in business to consumer (B2C) use cases because it is a highly available cloud offering with a robust suite of self-service applications and can rapidly scale in scenarios with millions of external users and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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