Cyber Resilience in the Modern SOC: New Report With Gartner

August 31, 2017
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Cyber resilience — the ability of an organization to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of cyberattacks — is a persistent and complex challenge for security professionals. To achieve true resilience, customers frequently face one common barrier: insufficient incident response (IR) planning and preparedness.

Plan and Prep Your IR

To help security professionals overcome this barrier and achieve cyber resilience, IBM Resilient recently partnered with Gartner for a new report: The Modern SOC — Why Detection and Prevention Is Not Enough.

In the report, Gartner provides new research indicating that organizations are simply unable to prevent and detect every cyberattack in today’s environment. The result? Having a plan for responding to and mitigating attacks is more critical than ever.

The report also outlines the fundamentals of IR orchestration — the alignment of people, processes and technologies for faster and more intelligent response. These fundamentals are accompanied by detailed tools and processes, which can be used to formulate an effective incident response, as well as a walkthrough to assist in the development of consistent and repeatable IR plans via workshops.

To help illustrate the merits of this approach to cyber resilience, the report also includes a real-world use case from an IBM customer. In the use case, the organization’s security team leveraged the power of incident response orchestration to improve their overall cyber resilience. They significantly cut down completion times for key processes, including one process that went from 84 minutes to complete to just two minutes total. To learn more about the value of proper IR planning and preparedness, download the report today.

Read the complete report: The Modern SOC — Why Detection and Prevention Is Not Enough

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