IBM X-Force Research: Evading the Malware Sandbox

October 24, 2017
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Malware in its many forms — from ransomware, viruses and worms to zero-day exploits and botnets — continues to be a popular attack vector among cybercriminals.

Network firewalls, network intrusion detection and prevention devices and desktop anti-virus software are adept at
recognizing and blocking or quarantining known malware. But by their nature, these security measures can only capture what they know. Can your security solution identify an unknown yet suspicious file as malware, particularly if it’s been engineered to masquerade as a benign file?

Read the new research report from IBM X-Force to become acquainted with the basics of malware sandbox environments and how to overcome evasion techniques malware uses to try to stay undetected.

Download the complete report to learn:

  • The role of malware sandbox environments;
  • What evasive behaviors malware uses to avoid detection in sandbox environments;
  • What sophisticated analysis techniques you can use to out-maneuver advanced malware.

Read the full X-Force research Report: Evading the Malware Sandbox

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